Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hello All --

In a comment on my previous post, E.S. rightly takes me to task for neglecting this blog for a year.  Shaking my head. 

The Big News is that French publishing house Au Diable Vauvert has signed me;  the French edition of ANIMAL MONEY is slated to appear next year, with more works to come.  I am very much humbled to learn that the French translator of Thomas Pyncheon's work will be translating my work as well, and to appear on the same roster as David Foster Wallace, Octavia Butler, China Mieville ....

As far as other publications go, in addition to my story "The Righteousness of Conical Men" in The Madness of Caligari, my story "Rock n' Roll Death Squad" is due to appear in a new collection from Dim Shores, entitled Looming Low.  A short story of mine, "Bet the Farm," has been accepted for a collection called Mechanical Animals, forthcoming from Hex Publishing

Much of my longer stuff is in publication limbo at the moment, including UNLANGUAGE, a short fantasy novel called PRISTINE, and a novella called ETHICS.  I'm about halfway into my new novel, PEST

I'm going to be presenting an academic paper on weird fiction in Toronto this June at the Tenth International Deleuze Studies Conference, and if I can manage it, I may be able to swing the Chi-Zine reading in that fine city on Wednesday, June 21st.  I will also be attending ReaderCon and NecronomiCON as usual. 

This summer I will also be trying to finish up my monograph on weird fiction, and commencing the search for a publisher.

My essay, "'HELLO FROM THE SEWERS OF N.Y.C.' -- T.E.D. Klein's 'The Children of the Kingdom'" has been published in Thinking Horror; I've contributed some articles Matt Cardin's reference book on horror fiction, Horror Literature Through History, on topics including the sublime, the Bronte sisters, ETA Hoffmann, Gustave Meyrink, The Golem, dark fantasy, and Thomas Ligotti.

The Lovecraftian Poe: Essays on Influence, Reception, Transformation and Interpretation, a peer-reviewed collection of essays including one of mine, and edited by Prof. Sean Moreland, should appear this year from Lehigh University Press. The Call of Cosmic Panic: New Essays on Supernatural Horror in Literature, another collection containing an essay of mine, also edited by Prof. Moreland, is also due sometime soon.

Yours for more frequent updates --



Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hello All!

Much to announce.

My lost haunted house novel, The Wretch of the Sun, has been published by Hippocampus Press!  You can find out more here.

My lost San Veneficio novella, The Knife Dance, has been published by Dim Shores!  You can find out more here.

I will be reading in Providence, RI., at Lovecraft Arts and Sciences, on Friday, May 20th, and I believe the following day as well!  Here is another link.

New short fiction from me in the upcoming anthology Swords v. Cthulhu from Stone Skin Press.  Link here.

The Beastiary, an anthology of monsters edited by Ann VanderMeer, is out, and contains a piece by your reporter, who has once again bumptuously sleazed his way into the company of his betters!  Link here

Enough for now, isn't it? 

My thanks to all of you.

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Poem for Joe Pulverday 2016

Oh Great P'uul-yverre
there is no hope for you
once you've seen the Medusa
there is no hope for you
the Medusa of language pullulating with alien life
you can change your name
(there still is no hope for you!)
you can change your country
(there is still no hope for you!)
Medusa can satisfy only once
and you are a Medusa-addict
a Medusa-head
your own temples wreathed in hypnotic constrictors
there is no hope for you
snorting pulverdust off one of her casual
come-hither keep-thither glances
stoned on Medusa
only your addiction has hope
and once you're fixed you stand fixed
center stanza of a stone uniVERSE
that blooms black Spring
a metal and stone Spring
stoneheavy leaden ponderous as a voorish dome in deep dendo
only your addiction has hope
that perches on the bust of Medusa atop your chamber door and says NEVERENOUGH
there is no hope for the one who can only want always more,
-- when your eyes met
that's when she said
-- always more --

Thursday, March 17, 2016


ANIMAL MONEY is now available in electronic form, via StoryBundle.  You can get it, and books by Brian Keene, J.S. Breukelaar, John Skipp, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Molly Tanzer, Juliet Escoria, Stephen Graham Jones and Brian Allen Carr, all in one batch.  But -- you have to order by April 7th or so. 

Get it here.

Monday, November 16, 2015



ANIMAL MONEY is available

Consider reading it, won't you?

Saturday, July 4, 2015


The scope of my interest in politics is almost exactly counterbalanced by my aversion to debate.  You could say I'm chicken. 

I would like to use this blog to encourage you to consider signing a petition aimed at Congress.  The US has more influence over the IMF than anybody else, and it's hard to see how or why the IMF would move away from their traditional position of cruel stupidity without real political pressure.

I've been following the news as best as I can, and I am horrified by the way the European insitutions are railroading Greece.  This story may not be so well known, and what is known may be lies.  It is a story that has broad global implications;  it is a matter of profound concern to anyone when economic institutions can bypass sovereign governments. 

It is now beyond obvious that the European institutions have been acting in bad faith from the beginning.  Their idea of "negotiations" so far has been nothing better than bullying.  Syriza has been repeatedly slandered, but it seems to me the Greek government has conducted itself with vastly superior grace and humanity than the bastards sitting across from them.

This link has some information about the crisis from someone better qualified than I to discuss it.

A name on a petition is better than nothing.  This link will take you there.  Please consider signing it. 

Thank you for your attention.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Hello All --

The Lazy Fascist re-issue of The Narrator is out and available in both electronic and paper formats. 

Penumbrae, edited by Richard Gavin, Patricia Cram, and Daniel A. Schulke, is out now from Three Hands Press, and includes a story of mine called "Altar!  Altar!"

Aickman's Heirs, edited by Simon Strantzas, is now available, and includes my story "Infestations." 

I have three more new stories due out soon, probably this year. 

And ANIMAL MONEY is coming.

With that said, and your kind permission, I retreat once more to the slime ...